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Jetflow Design New Holland PA
New Holland Shop

Jet Flow Design LLC’s inception was in 2012. It was started as a cutting service utilizing abrasive waterjet cutting only. Our first shop was 3000 sq. ft. and was located on the west side of New Holland, PA. In February 2014, a second larger waterjet was acquired at the Elixir Public Auction and put into storage at the Goodville Industrial Center in East Earl, PA.

Jetflow Design Denver Shop PA
Denver Shop

In November 2016 Jet Flow Design moved from New Holland, PA to Denver, PA into a 6000 sq. ft. shop. This enabled Jet Flow Design to have both waterjet tables in operation. During our time at the Denver shop we added to the scope of offerings for secondary processes for our customers: welding, saw work, press work.

In March 2020 Jet Flow Design purchased a used Trumpf 6KW laser. In September 2020 there was another move into a 9800 sq. ft. shop coincidentally into the Goodville Industrial Center in East Earl PA where we once had our second waterjet table stored. Today Jet Flow Design LLC is operating as JFD Cutting, offering both laser and waterjet cutting.

Business Partners


Nick Bloom

Technical and Operational Manager


Jen Bloom

Office and Shop Manager


Ryan Bloom

Outside Sales and Support

josh bloom

Josh Bloom

Welder and Fabricator

JFD Cutting Statement of Service

JFD Cutting values each customer. We strive to fulfill the needs of our customers with honesty, respect, and pride. There is nothing worse that to be given a date to receive product and someone does not deliver. While we do occasionally have set backs, which we will bring to your attention, we value giving the most accurate lead times we can. We respect you and your project and value your loyalty to JFD Cutting. We take pride in providing you with the parts and products that you order and realize that you also want to take pride in your project. Rest assured that JFD Cutting is a value-added service.

DEC 17, 2012 Jet Flow Design LLC was Incorporated.
JAN 1, 2013 Jet Flow set up shop in New Holland PA. We were located behind the Keen Welding Supply building, off Rt. 23 on the west end of town, in a 3500SF shop.
FEB 20, 2013 Our first waterjet, Omax 60120, was installed.
APR 15, 2013
Issued first Invoice.
JUN 13, 2013 Nick and Jen flew to Seattle, WA for formal training at the Omax plant in Kent, WA.
OCT 3, 2013 TCM forklift was purchased. We began business with our landlords’ spare forklift.
Nov 25, 2014 Anver Vacuum Lift, this made things A LOT easier!
JAN 20, 2016 Purchased a dual head Jet Edge waterjet from Elixir Industries public auction Leola, PA. This jet was put into storage until we could find a new location.
NOV 15, 2016 Signed the lease to set up shop in Denver, PA.
JAN 30, 2017 Purchased an Ebbco Closed Loop Water System.
FEB 1, 2017 Moved the Jet Edge waterjet from storage to Denver shop, 6000SF.
FEB 13, 2017 Moved the Omax jet from out New Holland location to the Denver location.
MAR 6, 2017 Nick and Lauren made the road trip out to Minnesota to pick up the Ebbco Closed Loop Water System.
MAR 31, 2017 Omax moved to the second building.
FEB 26, 2018 Purchased Second Tow motor, 2008 Yale from Eastern Lift.
SEP 24, 2019 Purchased the Darley
MAR 2, 2020 Purchased Trumpf 5040 CO2 6 KW Laser
JUL 21, 2020 Bought Toyota forklift
JUL 30, 2020 Filed the dba JFD Cutting Use the logo as the pic for this
SEP 28, 2020 Moved to East Earl (10075 Sq. Ft.)


Jet Flow Design helps to sponsor Josh Bloom with his 79’ Monty Carlo. Josh has been racing since kindergarten; evolving from Quarter Midget asphalt racing to Pure Stock dirt track racing. He helps Jet Flow Design get our name out onto several tracks: BAPS, Hagerstown Speedway, Winchester Speedway, Lincoln Speedway, and Bedford Speedway.

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Josh Bloom Racing Sponsorship


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training certificate
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Jet Edge Certification

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