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As a manufacturer, you may need parts made quickly and accurately to keep your production running smoothly. Relying on press work can ensure you promptly get the parts you need, no matter how unusual the shapes are. Hydraulic presses are extremely useful across many industries, and we have perfected press work, so you get precisely what you need every time.

When you work with JFD Cutting for all your press work needs, you can rely on us to quickly get your order out the door because we understand how challenging long wait times can make your production process. We take pride in our high-quality work, whether that be press work or our waterjet and laser cutting services, and we want to help minimize your production interruptions as much as possible.

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What Are the Benefits of Press Work on a Hydraulic Press?

Cutting or shaping materials with a hydraulic press is a popular choice in the manufacturing industry because it is reliable, accurate, and relatively quick. Some other benefits of working with a hydraulic press include:

  • Flexibility with Customization—Hydraulic presses are incredibly flexible in what they can do, bending malleable materials or cutting things into the shapes you need for your manufacturing setup, so the possibilities are nearly endless.
  • Better Control than a Mechanical Machine Press—When you get your press work done at JFD Cutting, you can expect a superior product thanks to the even, controlled power and pressure applied to the materials by the hydraulic press. Our machine will produce consistent results, creating a piece you can rely on every time.
  • High Production Capabilities—Choose a hydraulic press machine if you need to produce many pieces in a large run. Working with a hydraulic press machine will ensure smooth pressing each time. You can expect that each piece will endure pressure throughout the ram stroke, so even tonnage is applied, and the parts will be consistent throughout the entire run. This even application ensures your product has fewer stress points throughout.

We Can Press Whatever You Can Imagine

Presses are known for their versatility, as they can bend, press, and die-cut many different materials into all kinds of shapes. No matter the type of working of hydraulic press you need, JFD Cutting can help create the pieces you want.

Unsure if press work on our machine is the right choice for what you need? Contact us today and let us help you decide. And if you need laser or waterjet cutting, we have those services as well!

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Our Press Machine

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What Steps Do I Take to Have Press Work Done with JFD Cutting?

When you need press work done, you want it done to your standards, quickly, and accurately. Because your project is just as important to us as it is to you, you can expect high-quality work promptly from JFD Cutting. If something comes up that may cause delays, we will always keep you informed. Here are the steps you can expect when you work with us:

  1. Contact us for a custom quote for your project.
  2. Our team creates your parts or pieces with our Darley EHP 110 press.
  3. Your project is shipped out and will arrive at your location quickly.

Why Choose JFD Cutting for Your Press Work Needs?

Having high-quality parts produced quickly and reliably is crucial in manufacturing. Press work can help you achieve these goals and ensure your business can function with minimal downtime, thanks to the speed and accuracy you expect from parts made in presses.

Our dedicated team at JFD Cutting will produce superior quality pieces for your business, from small businesses with smaller orders to more significant manufacturers requiring larger orders. We have been helping our customers with all their parts needs for over a decade, beginning with waterjet cutting and then expanding to laser cutting and press work to better encompass the needs of the businesses who have trusted us with their projects.

Get in touch with us today if you feel our press work could benefit your business! We would love to offer you a custom quote based on your needs.

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